Social Pharmacy / Folkets apotek


Björkö, Norrtälje, and Skövde, Sweden, 2021-2022

Social Pharmacy (Folkets apotek) is a free exchange store of home remedies for health. I gathered remedies used by people in the local community of Björkö, Sweden, followed their recipes, and packaged them for free exchange in the pharmacy. Visitors were invited to take any remedy they wished, and in exchange, leave their own recipe for a new remedy that I will make and add to the project. In this way, individual health becomes a collaborative performance scripted by strangers living around you. As visitors shared their own remedies, they were encouraged to envision who might be the one to take it in their moment of need and how they are contributing to the health of their community. The project will be replicated for Skövde Museum and Norrtälje Museum in 2022.

Image 1: Margaretha Levin Blekastad for Norrtelje Tidning paper

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Norrtelje Tidning 20210628 - Front-scan.jpg
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Margaretha Levin Blekastad for Norrtelje Tidning paper.