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I approach the medium of social practice as a framework for revisioning and peeling open complexities about who and what we value as a society. Rather than approaching a social issue as a problem to be solved, I wish to hold space for dissidence, gray areas, contradiction, and alchemy. My work is process and praxis-based and my primary audience are those who are present as participants and co-creators. Each project draws from methods originating in disciplines of theater, somatic theory, care ethics, and performance art to emphasize face-to-face connections across socio-economic status and cultural, racial, and class division. 


Power of the Temporary: Social Art in Spaces of Transitional Living
MDPI: Arts 2021. Academic Editors: Helena Elias, Cláudia Madeira, Anne Douglas and Cristina Pratas Cruzeiro
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Eight Hours Labour, Eight Hours Recreation, Eight Hours Rest: What We Will Need Is More Time for What We Will (?))
First presented at: What Will Be: Strategies, Practices, and Performances in Social Art, The University of Lisbon, Portugal

Useless Art: Valuing the Unnecessary in Social Practice Art
Durty Words, pp 166-169, (Edited by Kate O'Shea, Victoria Brunetta) ISBN: 9786100001123

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